Preston Pugmire

How will Preston make your event incredible?


Beats, guitar, bass, and vocals. How can all these sounds be generated by just one guy? The award-winning performance by Preston Pugmire really is unlike any you have ever enjoyed. Preston utilizes a technique called “looping” where he creates songs from scratch in front of the audience all while keeping them completely engaged and often becoming a part of the action themselves. Let Preston open up your group's eyes and mind to new worlds of how music can be performed and how songs can be created.

Preston's upbeat personality, humor, and musical ability will give your group songs they recognize, and stories they can relate to. Whether he is playing a classic song in an interactive style, or telling a story that will leave the audience in stitches, his show will be a memorable experience for anyone who attends. Playing well over 1,000 shows has given Preston the professional experience and knowledge that you can trust will connect with your group.

Breakout and Keynote

Preston uses music to reach your group with a breakout session called “Make Music, Not Noise: Communication Through Listening”. In this innovative experience, your team will not get a lecture or powerpoint, but they will become part of the presentation and learn three tools of communication in a fun and extremely memorable way. It is designed to take your team from where they are to an even more cohesive, connected, and accountable group of peak performers. The content is essential and the presentation is unforgettable.

Preston's unique workshop performance has been cited as “something completely new and different”, and “the best part of our company's retreat”. Attendees will walk away with a new view of what they can accomplish as a team in their jobs and even ways they can incorporate accountability and listening skills to increase productivity in other areas of their lives as well. His content will get stuck in their heads just as quickly as his melodies. Preston's ability to connect with an audience and share material with a brand new music-based delivery is a rare gift you don't want your audience to miss.

"Preston is the perfect entertainer for corporate parties, retreats, celebrations, holidays, and other events.



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